Tinder For Married – The Best Alternative For You

If you are looking to use an alternativa to Tinder for married person it is probably because you are married yourself and you want to meet other people online. Dont worry, I’m here to help you.

Effectively Tinder isn’t a good option, since the stereotypical Tinder user is normally a young woman/man who downloaded the app out of curiosity, for to have a bit of fun, or maybe even just to hang out with someone – they are often not interested in meeting anyone.

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In addition to this, Tinder connects your account with Facebook. Although there are ways to use Tinder without Facebook , you are at greater risk of being exposed since your privacy is not being fully respected if you use – especially for you married individuals!

So what is the alternative to Tinder if I’m married?

The best application to use if you are married is Meetic .

Meetic is a website which is designed to help you meet people on the Internet even if you are married. The users are adults who are looking to respect their own privacy and discreetly organize dates with other users in a quick and easy manner.

You can register for free to try it out by clicking here.

Of all the ones I’ve tried, Meetic is definitely the best regarding privacy, user quality and ease of organising to meet people. So be sure to try it out and I promise that you’ll be thanking me later.

My personal experience with Meetic

Personally I’ve been providing online seduction workshops for 7 years now. I have been providing these classes to students from all across Spain, of different ages, with different interests and desires.

Some of them were single and were only looking to have ‘one off’ relationships. While others wanted to find a woman to marry. Others were married and simply  wanted to explore further.

Let’s talk about the ones who were married in particular, since this is your situation.

After improving all my students profiles, I recommend to them that they use several applications at the same time. This will help them increase their chances of meeting someone. The students then will call me and tell me about where they have been most successful.

In the case where students have had a partner or have been married, in every single one of their cases they have told me that Meetic has helped them the most to meet interesting people.

And of course I have also used it myself. I too have met wonderful women with whom I have shared many wonderful stories.

I don’t like to recommend something if I haven’t tried it first, and that’s why I can recommend Meetic with confidence.

How do I make sure my privacy is being respected as I’m married?

If you’re married your privacy and discretion is very important, so below I will give you several keys so you can maintain the health of your relationship:

1. Use a pseudonym

This is common sense… If you put your own name on the site you will be significantly more likely to be identified, so try to think of a pseudonym that can be attractive and sexy at the same time.

For this part, keep in mind the following points:

● Use a pseudonym that matches your photos: If you put “Adventurer Explorer” as your pseudonym and all your photos are in your house there is an incongruity that misleads potential lovers and makes you unattractive to them.     

● Use words which will impact: If you’re a house painter you can call yourself “Painter42” or call yourself “ArtistADomocilio”. Which one do you think catches your attention more?     

● Use another name: If you’re not feeling creative you can always use someone else’s name as a pseudonym – and then when you’re talking to whoever you desire – you may want to tell them your real name.     

2. Don’t talk to people in your city

Another bit of common sense is that if you try to meet people who are in the same city as yourself, you’re exposing yourself a lot as in that someone may recognize you even if you don’t use your real name.

The best thing you can do is look for people in nearby cities, where you can easily reach without exposing yourself to all the people in which who already know you.

3. Only talk to people who are online

This code will help you to ration the amount of exposure and time you dedicate to Meetic (or whatever other website in which you have chosen to meet people on).

Talking only with people who are online helps you to two things:

  1. It means you will not find yourself sending dozens and dozens of messages to each girl that catches your attention. It’ll be less risky effectively.
  2. It means that we’ll be more successful. If we send a message to someone who is offline our message may be lost among all the other messages that they receive. However, if we send it to them while they’re online they will receive it at that very moment.

4. Try to have a separate method of contact to continue the interaction through

If you find someone you like on Meetic, the next thing you’ll need to do is to make a date. This is much easier done via your mobile than through Meetic.

However, adding someone on WhatsApp can be a problem. If someone picks up your mobile or wants to send a text message you’ll be exposed. Hence I recommend that you use Telegram to contact people you know are online. (or another application other than the one you usually use).

I especially like Telegram because it has a function that allows you to put a password on your conversations. This is quite useful. It’s much better than having to answer the “Why do you have an app with a password?” question all the time over the “Who is Maria?” question!

How do I sign up for Meetic?

If you have decided that you want to use Meetic to meet more people, registering is super simple, I’ll explain it in just two steps:

STEP 1: Click here to go to the page where you can create a free account.

STEP 2: Continue step by step – selecting the options which you’re offered to create an account, It takes approx. 1 minute.

Other apps that are like Tinder for married people

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If you have already tried Meetic and are still looking for more alternatives (because you still want to have additional opportunities with women) here I’ll leave a few others that I’ve tried and been successful with.

1. Liruch

Liruch is another application that I like a lot as it’s quite modern. It doesn’t have as much competition as the other apps. Nevertheless it has many original functions that can help you to meet new people online.

It can be particularly useful for you because of a specific function that it has. This function allows you to call the person you’re chatting with directly from the app. By purchasing credits on the website. You can get in direct voice contact with others without having to use your mobile. A privacy bonus!

If you want to try it, just click here to create a free account.

2. Follamigos

Follamigos, as its name suggests, is a website for casual encounters, one-nighters and adventures. The vast majority of people here are seeking good privacy. This makes it perfect for married or engaged people who will find themselves in similar positions.

It is also quite easy to meet people as if you have a some-what good profile you’ll attract them from the beginning – from then on it only gets easier!

3. Flirt Easy

And finally I will leave you another website which I have found to be quite efficient for finding one off relationships, Ligarfacil.com is another website which focuses entirely on bringing together people who want to have adventures

Users who use this site have the same intention as you, therefore you will not have to spend days or weeks talking over the application to find someone who’s willing to meet up.


You’ve already discovered several alternatives to Tinder for married persons and you already know that for me – I find the best is Meetic, Although, you still have other recommendations from me so you can make sure that you find what works best for you.

I hope that you may enjoy whatever it is you may desire without having any problems. I hope you can take advantage of what I’ve taught you.

If you have any questions or concerns you can leave it with me in the comments (but with a pseudonym, just in case) and I will send an answer back to you as soon as possible.

Kindest of Regards!

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Llevo los últimos 12 años de mi vida estudiando la atracción y 8 dedicándome a enseñar como crearla, obsesionado con las apps online y con ayudar a los demás a conocer y conectar con más personas que les atraigan.

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